“Years ago, when my boys were little, I needed some mad money for a project I wanted to do in our yard. A friend called to ask if I’d come to her house and make appetizers for a party she was hosting. Just like that (snap), I had my first catering job and the money for my project.”

Fast forward almost 25 years, and you’ll find Ruthie at work in her space at Kitchen 870, a community kitchen space available for rent to licensed chefs and caterers as they build their businesses. What began as an in-home service, preparing lunch, dinner and appetizers in clients’ homes, is now a full-service catering operation. While there are a few signature items like candied bacon for which Ruthie has become well-known (sorry, that recipe’s secret), her favorite assignment is to prepare a special and unique menu that matches what her client or guest of honor will enjoy. A recent birthday dinner is a great example.

“They were big food people who’ve eaten at really incredible restaurants all over the world. For his wife’s birthday, the husband wanted a special, small, intimate dinner at home. He developed the menu, and I did my best to make it all happen – a perfect evening with delicious food.”

Fork In the Road only serves the Good Stuff!

Yes that’s right, we can cater to any taste or event, with loads of menu ideas to choose from.